Are you a shooting for coach struggling to keep up with the demands of daily record-keeping and tracking your trainees’ progress?

 If so, you’re not alone. 

The challenges faced by shooting coaches in maintaining accurate records can be overwhelming, often detracting from valuable coaching time on the range. 

That’s where Shooting Diary comes in – a best shooter coach app designed to simplify the coaching process and enhance the overall training experience.

Our mission is simple yet ambitious: to help one million shooting coaches worldwide streamline their daily record-keeping needs. 

Inspired by the struggles faced by coaches like yourself, we’ve developed a Shooting Diary, the ultimate shooting coaches app designed to simplify the process, whether you’re focusing on trap or skeet shooting.

Let’s learn the quick  the steps how to enrol and track points below:

Best shooter coach app

> Step 1: Simple Sign-Up Process

Getting started with Shooting Diary is a breeze. Whether you choose to sign up as a guest or through Google, the process is straightforward, ensuring that even beginners can use with ease.

Step 2: Effortless Shooter Management

With Shooting Diary, adding shooters to your profile is quick and hassle-free. Just click “Add Shooter” and input their details – name, joining date, mobile number, and email ID. It’s a seamless experience, making it a top choice among shooting apps for coaches.

Step 3: Recording Scores

Recording scores couldn’t be easier. Simply add the round name and the shooter’s name. With the ability to add multiple shooters at once, managing group sessions is a breeze. Shooting Diary streamlines the process, making it one of the best shooting apps available in India.

Step 4: Selecting Round Type

Whether you’re practicing for trap or skeet shooting, Shooting Diary has you covered. Select the round type and the shooter’s name, then hit the Start Button to begin recording scores..

Step 5: Recording Scores in Real-Time

Once the round begins, you’ll be presented with a user-friendly interface to record scores. Easily mark shots as “Miss” or “Hit” with the tap of a button. 

The interface displays the progress in real-time, allowing you to track each shooter’s performance effortlessly.

Step 6: Saving Rounds

Once the round is complete, simply hit the “Done” button to save the data. It’s that simple! The round is saved, and you can move on to the next session seamlessly.

Additional Features:

Explore Shooting Diary’s additional features, including a comprehensive history log accessible via the clock icon. Dive into past rounds categorised by round name or shooter’s name, gaining valuable insights into your shooters’ progress over time.

Over To You: 

Developed by Mr. Vijay, a seasoned shooting coach with over 15 years of experience, Shooting Diary is tailored for shooting coaches worldwide. It’s a testament to his dedication to advancing coaching practices and simplifying record-keeping.

Don’t let outdated methods hold you back – enhance your coaching experience with Shooting Diary, the must-have app for shooting coaches. Download now from the Play Store and start your coaching journey today! With Shooting Diary, coaching excellence is within reach.

Your shooters deserve the best, and with Shooting Diary, you can deliver unparalleled coaching excellence. Let’s make a difference together – one shot at a time.

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