shooting exercises

Are you a Beginner Shooter wanting to start Shooting Exercises Accuracy is a crucial skill for any shooter, but many of us struggle with trigger finger discipline. It’s like a disease that affects us all at some point, causing our trigger finger to get away from us and do its own thing.

In this blog, we will discuss a simple Shooting Exercises  drill that can help you improve your accuracy and master trigger finger discipline. Whether you practice at your local gun club or range, this drill can be done with either a paper target or a steel one.

The choice is yours, but using a steel target will provide you with audible feedback, making it easier to assess your performance.

Shooting Exercises for a Beginner

shooting exercises
shooting exercises

The Drill

To perform this drill, you will need a steel target set up at a distance of 40 yards. Using a single-action pistol like the SIG Sauer P226, follow these


1. Load your pistol with a round in the chamber.

 2. Remove the magazine

. 3. Take aim at the 40-yard steel target

. 4. Practice proper trigger finger movement and muzzle management

 5. Fire a shot.

 6. After the action cycles, settle the pistol back down and reset your trigger.

 7. Fire another shot and assess your performance.

The Importance of the Drill

shooting exercises
shooting exercises

During this drill, it is common to observe certain issues among shooters. At the SIG Sauer Academy, we often notice the emergence of what we call “evil monsters” during the second shot.

Sometimes, the first shot hits the steel target, while other times it misses. However, on the second shot, shooters tend to display muzzle anticipation and little weapon action.

This drill provides the opportunity to identify and address these issues.

Executing the Drill

Let’s walk through the drill step by step:

1. Begin by loading your pistol as you normally would, with a round in the chamber.

 2. Remove the magazine, ensuring that there is no ammunition left in the pistol.

 3. Take aim at the 40-yard steel target and press the trigger to fire a shot.

4. As the action cycles, reset your trigger and realign your sights on the target. 5. Press the trigger again, but this time, the pistol will not fire, as it is a dry shot.

 6. Repeat these steps, resetting the dry shot each time.

The Results

Performing this drill multiple times allows you to observe any issues with trigger finger discipline.

If you have been experiencing low left shots as a right-handed shooter or low right shots as a lefty, chances are you have been anticipating the shot or displaying muzzle whip action.

By executing this drill correctly, you can quickly identify these problems. Pay close attention to whether your eyes remain locked on the front sight post, as they should be. If you notice the front of your pistol bobbing, it indicates that you need to work on correcting these issues.

With some mental and trigger finger discipline, you can improve your accuracy and overcome these challenges.


In conclusion, the shooting exercises we discussed in this blog can significantly enhance your trigger finger discipline, leading to better accuracy. By regularly practicing from shooting ranges this drill, you can identify and correct issues such as anticipation and muzzle whip action.

Remember, if you are looking for a place to practice this drill, you can visit the NSSF website or consider joining us at the SIG Sauer Academy in New Hampshire. Keep in mind that firearms responsibility is crucial, so always prioritize safety on the range.

Happy shooting

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