How to apply gun license in india

Gun licence in India are regulated by the Arms Act 1959 and the Arms Rules 1962. These provisions classify different types of firearms, with some categories prohibited for civilians. This blog aims to provide an overview of the gun licence process in India, including the qualifications required and the reasons one may obtain a license.

Qualifications for a Gun License In India

Apply for Gun License in India
Apply for Gun License in India

To obtain a gun license in India, there are several qualifications that must be met.

 >  Firstly, the applicant must be of a minimum age, 

>which is usually 18 years.

> However, in some cases, such as for junior target shooters participating in sports, the minimum age may be lower. 

>Secondly, the person applying for a gun license should be of sound mind. 

>This condition is crucial and is often assessed through an interview conducted by a DCP rank officer. 

The individual must justify their need for a gun license and provide a proper reason, which can be self-defense or any other valid reason.

Valid Reasons for Gun Licenses in India

There are various valid reasons for obtaining a gun license in India.

 One of the most common reasons is self-defense. The constitution of India recognizes the right to life and liberty, and having a firearm can be seen as a means to protect oneself and others.

 Individuals who have a sufficient threat perception due to old rivalries, wealth, or their profession may also be granted a gun license. People working in professions such as private security or protection squads for politicians may also need a gun license.

 Additionally, individuals residing in rural areas with agricultural land that requires protection from non-scheduled pests and vermin may be eligible for a gun license. 

Those involved in sports shooting or military-related activities may also be able to obtain a gun license. However, they must meet specific criteria and submit an application along with the required fee.

Where to Apply for Gun License In India

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The Gun License Application Process

Obtain Gun license in India
Obtain Gun license in India

Once an application for a gun license is submitted,

  • the licensing authority will conduct a preliminary inquiry into the applicant’s background.
  •  This includes gathering information from the applicant’s residence and contacting people in their vicinity to ascertain their suitability for a gun license.
  •  An interview with a DCP rank officer is also conducted to determine their mental soundness and the validity of their reasons for obtaining a gun license.
  •  After the inquiry and interview, a report is sent to the Crime Branch and the National Crime Record Bureau for a final clearance. 
  • If the applicant has a clean record and meets all the necessary requirements, they may be granted a gun license. It is important to note that the licensing authority has the discretion to refuse a gun license if they have reason to believe that the applicant falls under any prohibited category.


Obtaining a Gun license in India is not a matter of right but rather a discretionary decision made by the government. Fulfilling the necessary conditions, such as having a valid reason and a clean background, is crucial for obtaining a gun license. Whether it’s for self-defense, professional reasons, or protection in rural areas, the process ensures that only deserving individuals are granted the privilege of owning a firearm.

Please note that the content provided in this blog is derived from the information available in the video transcript.

The aim is to present the information in a clear and concise manner, providing an understanding of the gun license process in India.

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